Swords for Hire NEWS:

National Associated Press article!

Chosen #2 in Booksense national TOP TEN list! http://news.bookweb.org/booksense/1633.html

 Winner 2004 Independent Publisher Awards! http://www.independentpublisher.com/action.lasso?-Database=18news.fp3&-Layout=iparticle&-RecordID=39690&-Response=ipawrdetail.lasso&-Search

 Recommended twice in new book: The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror! ("Traditional Fantasy" and "Humorous Fantasy")

 Selected for VOYA's Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy!  http://pdfs.voya.com/VO/YA2/VOYA200404BestSciFi.pdf

A novel by Will Allen

With a foreword by Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson

"It will delight children, teens, and adults alike"     ForeWordReviews

A new national award-winning book, Swords for Hire is a funny, exciting story about the adventures of a young farm boy named Sam Hatcher, who lives in the ancient Kingdom of Parmall. Sam has lived a simple life on the farm with his parents, but all that changes the day he turns sixteen. He meets Rigby Skeet, a wisecracking guard, and the two uncover a plot that has captured the true king in a dungeon, where he is guarded by the very scary "Boneman."

They embark on an exciting search for King Olive, who was betrayed by his evilóand very strangeóbrother. Along the way they encounter evil guards, a magical sorcerer, and a beautiful girl being held captive. The story is somewhat similar in style to William Goldmanís The Princess Bride.

Vivid, funny characters, surprising plot twists, and twenty-four short, action-packed chapters make Swords for Hire a fun read for readers from age 9 to adult.

Although this is the first publication of Swords for Hire, the manuscript was written in 1979 by twenty-two year old Will Allen, who was terminally-ill with melanoma. Twenty-two years after Allenís death, his brother resurrected the manuscript and entered a printed draft in a national competition, where it won an award and the kudos, "Hilarious. . . fresh and exciting. . . a remarkable novel. . . funny, surprising, rich characters. . . a page-turner. . . Kids will dream of being Swords for Hire." The foreword was written by Nancy Cartwright, the Emmy award-winning voice of Bart Simpson.

Swords for Hire is an easy-to-read 168-page adventure that will have you laughing out loud, no matter what your age. Only $6.95, it is available from any bookstore or online retailer. ISBN 0-9724882-0-0.


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